Latest Episode: The Kids Review…Heroes Unlimited

Join the two mentalloids who share half my DNA as they explore Palladium Games’ epic superhero game, Heroes Unlimited.

Me and My Shadow Mark IV – a Paranoia Actual Play Podcast – Episode 2 Roll to Save

Join Troubleshooter Task Force 451 as they take on another fun, routine task for your friend and mine, The Computer.  As with most Troubleshooter missions, this one will be perfectly safe for everyone concerned.This episode sees our brave team's second batch of clones turning up to the hanger to take over from where their previous incarnations left off.  There's no singing in this episode I'm afraid, but there is quite a bit of death.  And betrayal.  And people throwing each other under the proverbial bus.  In this case the bus is a warbot several hundred metres long and armed with enough firepower to take on a small army.Thanks to our cast of @manticoretale, @4cornersgames, @guydadams, @dicepopuli – check them all out on Twitter!If you're wanting to see their podcasts then look no further than:The Four Corners Games PodcastTale of the ManticoreDice PopuliEMAIL: @savepodcastFACEBOOK: https://rolltosave.blogFRIEND COMPUTER: Keeley WilsonMUSIC & SFX:
  1. Me and My Shadow Mark IV – a Paranoia Actual Play Podcast – Episode 2
  2. Halls of the Blood King – An Interview With Diogo Nogueira
  3. SLA Industries – The Assumptions – Episode 3
  4. Palladium Games – Roundtable
  5. The Dying World – a Mörk Borg Solo Actual Play Podcast – Episode 1

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