Latest Episode – Paranoia Roundtable

Our latest episode is now up! Join us for a Paranoid roundtable, when we put on our RED tinted glasses, and reminisce about this most unique of games! Warning; this episode is a biggie, so be sure to find a comfy seat, a snack and a beverage of your choosing before devouring it. Oh, and at one point we go down a SLA Industries rabbit hole – that was Jason’s fault.

As was the sound problems we have mid way through. Honestly, the boy’s a veritable disaster…

Chosen Ones – Cast Interview Roll to Save

This episode, we’re fortunate enough to speak to the cast of the Chosen Ones visual novel, a beautifully produced Youtube series.  We cover everything, from how they got involved in tabletop RPGs, what went into their characters, favourite moments from the series and why you – dear listener – should listen to them.Contact us at:EMAIL: @savepodcastFACEBOOK: https://rolltosave.blogHOST: Iain WilsonSPECIAL GUESTS: Zen (Shui) – @zento_boxJay (Avayath) – @funnybunnyjayShaina (Theo) – @SundropelrodRipley (Brandy) – @Ripp_TidesCassi (DM) – @CassirollChanFind the Chosen Ones on YouTube here.Shaina’s amazing animations live here.Join their Discord.BACKGROUND MUSIC: David Renada (Find him at: or on his web page).TITLE, BREAK & CLOSEOUT MUSIC: Xylo-Ziko (Find them on their web page).INCIDENTAL MUSIC: From Epidemic Sound.Support the show (
  1. Chosen Ones – Cast Interview
  2. Fighting Fantasy – A Mini History
  3. Paranoia – Getting Paranoid With Allen Varney
  4. Paranoia – Roundtable
  5. The Kids Review…Heroes Unlimited

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