Latest Episode – Getting Paranoid With Allen Varney

Join us as we chat one on one with the man who brought Paranoia back from the dead with Paranoia XP. The delightful Allen Varney takes the time to share with us his history with Paranoia, his thoughts on what makes it funny (and what DOESN’T!) and just what exactly went into the production of Paranoia XP.

Legend of the Five Rings – History Roll to Save

This episode we take a look at Legend of the Five Rings; the roleplaying game that invites us to become samurai and explore the Emerald Empire of Rokugan.  Honour and glory are to be had, as well as lots of opportunities to really, REALLY carefully phrase what you say for fear of offending one of your social betters…This is part one of our L5R episode – part two will feature a round table discussion where we put on our rose-tinted glasses and talk about our favourite memories of the game.  Contact us at:EMAIL: @savepodcastFACEBOOK: https://rolltosave.blogHOST: Iain WilsonVOICEOVER LADY: Keeley WilsonBACKGROUND MUSIC: David Renada (Find him at: or on his web page).TITLE, BREAK & CLOSEOUT MUSIC: Xylo-Ziko (Find them on their web page).Support the show (
  1. Legend of the Five Rings – History
  2. Chosen Ones – Cast Interview
  3. Fighting Fantasy – A Mini History
  4. Paranoia – Getting Paranoid With Allen Varney
  5. Paranoia – Roundtable

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