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The Dying World – Episode 2

We’ve got a new episode up, where our brave adventurers decide to explore the village they discovered in the last episode. No real updates to character sheets or maps yet as the party haven’t really gone anywhere…

Creature of Havoc

I’ve got a wonderful little app on my phone called Fighting Fantasy Classics by Tin Man Games. At its core, FFC is a virtual bookshelf with a built in engine that allows the reader to play Classic Fighting Fantasy books. There are currently around a dozen to choose from, with each costing a few bucks, […]

SLA Industries – History

In 1993, I found my first “proper” job, as a waiter no less.  Actually – I say “found”, but the job actually found me, in the form of my mother thrusting a copy of the Evening Times in my direction, jabbing at a classified ad, and suggesting it might be nice for me to earn […]

Five Ways of Getting Started in RPGs…FOR FREE!

As a Scotsman, I always have to contend with the stereotype of being tightfisted. Thankfully, this isn’t the case – in fact, if you take a look at my RPG bookshelves my wife would probably prefer if I was… However, tight-fistedness or not aside, it doesn’t stop me from wanting to shop around for a […]

The Dying World – Map

Roleplayers are always interested in cartography for some reason. Therefore, I’ve put together this map for the Dying World. Now, there’s not a great deal on it just yet – after all, we’ve barely spent any time with our party – but expect it to be added to over time. Oh, and I’m rubbish at […]

The Dying World – Character Sheets For Game 1

For those of you aut fait with the Mörk Borg system, here are the character sheet for our intrepid adventurers as of game 1. NAME Belum AGILITY 1 PRESENCE 2 STRENGTH 3 TOUGHNESS 2 HIT POINTS 5 OMENS 1 NAME Felban AGILITY 0 PRESENCE 0 STRENGTH 1 TOUGHNESS 2 HIT POINTS 5 OMENS 1 NAME […]

The Dying World – An Introduction

So, we’ve added a new mini series to our podcast – the Dying World, a Mörk Borg solo actual play. Our first episode went up on the 3rd of August 2021, and I’ve decided to use this site as a repository for things like character sheets, maps and all that other stuff that it’s kind […]

Legends of the Five Rings – History

Back in my university days, I had a lot going on RPG wise. During Fresher’s week, I discovered the University’s roleplaying society and the Star Wars RPG’s joys.  A trip into one of Glasgow’s Virgin megastores – a hallowed metropolis of roleplaying goodness! It led to me discover a locally produced game called “SLA Industries” […]


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