Join us as we chat one on one with the man who brought Paranoia back from the dead with Paranoia XP. The delightful Allen Varney takes the time to share with us his history with Paranoia, his thoughts on what makes it funny (and what DOESN’T!) and just what exactly went into the production of Paranoia XP.

Paranoia – Getting Paranoid With Allen Varney Roll to Save

This episode, we're fortunate enough to speak to the man that most fans of Paranoia credit with bringing the game back from the dead following the dark times of late 2nd edition.  Join us as we talk with Allen about how he got involved with Paranoia, what his highs and lows are with this game, and just what exactly went on in the development of Paranoia XP.This is the third part of our Paranoia episodes – part one of the podcast features a look at the history of this wonderful game, whilst part two sees myself and my co-hosts sharing our fond memories of the game and our time spent running and playing it.  Contact us at:EMAIL: @savepodcastFACEBOOK: https://rolltosave.blogHOST: Iain WilsonSPECIAL GUEST: Allen Varney (@AllenVarney)FRIEND COMPUTER: Keeley WilsonBACKGROUND MUSIC: David Renada (Find him at: or on his web page).TITLE, BREAK & CLOSEOUT MUSIC: Xylo-Ziko (Find them on their web page).
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